Choosing the Best Roof Tiles

Choosing the best roof tiles for your home can be very exciting and daunting at the same time. But if you know your options, it would be a lot easier to decide. There are factors that you need to consider when choosing your tiles such as quality, durability and budget. So, to help you with this, let me provide you some roofing options that will help you decide which roofing tile is best for your home.

Terracotta Vs Concrete Tiles

Atlanta Roofer, Terracotta roof tilesTerracotta tiles-Terracotta and concrete are the two types of roofing tiles that are widely used both locally and internationally. To better understand which one is better, we have to define the difference of the two.

Terracotta is commonly used for house and building construction. It is very popular because it is made of all natural materials. The word terracotta is derived from 2 Italian words “baked” and “earth” because it comes from clay, making it color reddish brown. If you love nature, you’d probably choose terracotta vs concrete for your new home.

There are thousands of sculptures and ornaments made of clay that have been discovered and believed to be about 5000 years old. Such awesome and legendary discovery is the army terracotta which was found in China—proving that terracotta is indeed long-lasting.

Concrete tiles- Concrete tiles are made of cement, sand and water. Just like terracotta, it is known to last a lifetime. These days, pre-cast concrete is widely used for the rest of the house construction because it is inexpensive. For modern houses, concrete is preferred by many because there is an option to change its colors and designs.

Roof is one part of the house that needs to be maintained properly. That’s why people choose to have roof tiles that will last longer than the cheaper type of roof tiles. It is because it is considered an investment.

Concrete tiles are cheaper compared to terracotta, but it is almost as strong as terracotta. There are buildings made of concrete that are still all over the place and they’ve been built centuries ago.

Differences of terracotta and concrete tiles

Normally, roofing tiles company offer 50 years warranty for terracotta roofing. It is known to windstand hailstorm or inclement weather.  However, when it comes to color, concrete roofing offers more options. If you’re concern about recoating budget, it would be wiser to choose terracotta because its colors can last for many, many years. But if you love changing your roof colors every now and then and not that too concern about spending for home improvement, concrete is the best option.

Both of these roofing materials are expensive but knowing that it is safer to use than any other roofing materials can provide you peace of mind. Both tiles are non-toxic, so rest assured that you and your family are safe, needless to say, both are non-combustible. It is also good to know that both terracotta and concrete tiles can provide warmth and sound insulators, meaning you’ll save much on your electric bills.

Also, if you are an environmentalist, terracotta may just be the option for you because it is made of 100% clay.

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