4 Uninvited Guests to Make You Run to call Pro-Home-Plus

Our homes and office settings are places where one should feel comfortable and at peace in most of the time if not always. However, there are sometimes when uninvited guests that may infest your premises, especially home; which will definitely make you go running, literally to a professional. Pro-Home-Plus has vetted and done the research for you, on Atlanta’s Pest Control Firms.

These common residential pests, which may serve to become nuisances of the highest order, not forgetting that some of them are quite destructive, scary, and capable of causing disease. This being the case, ensure you have called Pro-Home-Plus Pest Control, just in case the following 4 bugs happen to crawl inside your home or office, or at least if you suspect so.

Atlanta Pest Control, Commercial and Residentail, Woodstock, Alpharetta, StockbridgeRodents

Rodents are among the most destructive pests. These include mice and rats and tend to chew or gnaw on food storage containers, clothing, electric cables, and anything else they night find edible. They are capable of causing disease, reproduce like crazy and the site of them can be quite embarrassing in front of your guests. Their elimination involves professional trapping, seclusion and baiting; and can be carried out by a professional easily.


Roaches tend to breed very fast, and are quite common in food places such as kitchen cabinets as well as garbage places. Seeing them is quite irritating, and they can even carry infectious material on their limbs, which might cause disease in humans as they crawl on food places. Pro-Home-Plus will help find the best company in Atlanta to eliminate Cockroaches. As soon as you spot one or two in your home, please call us, since they are good in hiding their eggs.


Spider multiply fast and can be found mostly hiding in dark places, crevices and walls where it is hard to reach their nests. What should make you run fast to an expert for their elimination is the fact that some species are quite poisonous, some of their toxins being fatal to humans. To prevent spider infestation, always look out for cob webs around your home and ensure they are eliminated. “Pro-Home-Plus will help you with finding the best Pest Control in Atlanta. We highly suggest having frequent inspections, which will help keep spiders at bay.


Bedbugs are quite irritating and perhaps some of the most stubborn pests to eliminate from your property without professional help. They survive by feeding on the blood of human beings, by biting and sucking especially when the prey is asleep. (The prey could be you!) They are in most cases spread through bodies or clothes of their hosts and tend to hide more on beddings and couches. They cause injury to the skin, and can even initiate topical infections through the wounds they cause. There is a common misconception about bedbugs, that they are associated with dirt. The truth of the matter is that they can infest and hide even in clean places. A common sign of bedbug infestation includes skin injuries to the resident, which will in most cases be found on the arms and gentle places such as around the waist. You may also discover small spots of blood on the bed sheets. The good thing is that they can be easily eliminated by using acarcidal chemicals.

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