Pro-Home-Plus Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage AtlantaFires can be very destructive to your home and the restoration process can be very difficult to do if you are not experienced in it. Private homeowners are typically distressed by the damage incurred from such an event, but they do not have to suffer. They can rest assured that the highly qualified technicians at Pro-Home-Plus are with them every step of the way to restore their homes to their former glory. We take pride in servicing not along Atlanta, Georgia, but other nearby counties like Cobb, Gwinett, Dekalb counties and more. All of our customers are very satisfied with our quality of service, and that is why Pro-Home-Plus is the go-to company in Atlanta when it comes to fire damage restoration.

How Pro-Home-Plus Operates

Our professional contractors and technicians are certified and trained by the most modern standards to ensure that the best practices are being followed in repairing your home. Pro-Home-Plus has a vast amount of experience in restoration projects and also possess the key licenses to perform such functions.

The first thing our technicians do is clean the entire area down to the tiniest residue, because any remaining amounts of debris and soot will leave permanent damage not only to the land but to the products as well. If cleaning is not immediately performed, it can lead to devastating long-term effects. Within minutes of fire and smoke damage, appliances and many other items will turn yellowish-brown. After a few hours, acid will stain bathrooms and many other areas of the home.  Within days, walls will discolor permanently and items will begin to rust due to the acid residue. Finally, after several weeks the cost of clean-up will become substantially more expensive, making it difficult for the homeowner to bear.

Therefore, Pro-Home-Plus makes it a top priority to arrive at the scene of the disaster as soon as possible to ensure your home does not suffer from any long-term damage. In addition to this, Pro-Home-Plus can also help you by getting you in touch with the appropriate people in insurance companies that will work with use to help you get made whole. We are an established organization and have worked with such companies many times in the past. In such troubling times, it can be overwhelming to know what to do, so we will help you file paperwork and smoothen the process so that you can recover your home without having to bear a heavy cost.

Moreover, Pro-Home-Plus will do whatever it takes to ensure that your home does not fall victim to another fire disaster in the future. We offer recommendations on renovations that homeowners can make to not only restore the home to its previous state, but to safeguard it from potential fire outbreaks in the future, too. This is accomplished by using better quality materials that are less susceptible to fire damage. The majority of this cost is borne by your insurance, so you do not have to worry about paying more than your deductible, usually. If there are any associated smoke and soot damage, then Pro-Home-Plus will take care of that as well.

So next time your home faces a fire disaster, come to Pro-Home-Plus and we will promptly solve all of your problems. Being the best disaster restoration contractors in Atlanta, we pride ourselves on giving the best service to our customers, so you will surely not be disappointed.

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