Pro-Home-Plus Protects Your Home from Water Damage

It is a splendid Sunday evening, and you are all set to watch the Falcons with your friends and all of a sudden, there is a drizzle outside. No need to worry, you keep on watching the game and are having a good time, but that drizzle soon turns into a downpour. Now you are a little worried because you faced this problem before. This isn’t the first time it rained in Atlanta. You have had rainwater damage your floors before and it is a nightmare to get rid of it. While there are some things you can do to remedy the situation, it is better to rely on certified professionals who specialize in curing damage caused by water, like Pro-Home-Plus!

Atlanta Mold Damage, College Park, Decature Mold DamageWhy Pro-Home-Plus

That is where Pro-Home-Plus steps in to save the day. Sometimes you have water leaking through the roof, seeping through the ceiling and landing on your floor. It is a terrible sight and if left unattended for too long, it can be very damaging, potentially causing mold to form as well and spread throughout the house. There are some places where mold and bacteria accumulate that is difficult to detect, e.g., behind walls. Call the professionals at Pro-Home-Plus the experts in restoring damage from water leaks, floods and storms. We get the job done in the shortest amount of time, while ensuring top quality for our customers. Call now 770-691-1103!

Water damage is not only limited to your flooring and walls. The damage may spread to your furniture and clothes if you are not careful and don’t react quickly. We at Pro-Home-Plus are able to detect any infected articles you may have incurred from water damage and will provide guidelines on what to do with them. With our help, you will have minimal losses! We are the number 1 disaster restoration company in Atlanta, Georgia for a reason – because we make people’s lives easier. We do the hard work so that you can relax. We are a well-reputed organization when it comes to water damage treatment, and our previous customers have been very pleased with their quality of service.

Atlanta’s best Certified Technicians

Our qualified professional crew of technicians can easily find pockets of moisture and eliminate them. We use equipment that measures moisture levels behind tiles and other materials that appear and feel dry on the outside, but are quite wet on the inside. Once detected, the technicians will expose the regions to air by removing the material covering them. The technicians begin the cleanup process by using powerful chemical detergents to wash away any bacteria in the area. Since these professionals are trained, they know exactly what they are doing and are very efficient at doing it. The technicians attain their results quickly without causing any damage to other areas of your home.

So next time you face a disaster where water leakages or rainstorms are damaging your home, come to Pro-Home-Plus and we will promptly solve all of your problems. Being the best disaster restoration contractors in Atlanta, we pride ourselves on giving the best service to our customers, so you will surely not be disappointed.

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